Dragon Boat Racing

Once you hear about dragon boat racing and become involved in this world of sport, community and fun, there is no turning back from it. There is much more to it than a great day on the water. There are different and interesting ways to experience the sport for both team members and spectators. Whether you’ve paddled in a festival or regatta, or you paddle regularly in a dragon boat, you feel connected to it. That’s the beauty of it – from the moment you pick up a paddle, you’ll love dragon boat racing!


Dragon boating is unique in that total novices can compete with very little training or instruction. A perfectly synchronized team is not only visually spectacular, but almost always defeats a stronger but less coordinated competitor.


In ancient China, the Dragon Boat was used for religious purposes as a way of appeasing the rain gods.


Later Qu Yuan, the great warrior poet, committed suicide in the river Mi Lo, as a protest against the political corruption of the day. It’s said his followers dove in after him, beating drums to keep the fish away… leading to the use of the drum in Dragon Boat Races to commemorate his sacrifice and represent team unity and integrity.


Honor the cause that matters to you most by captaining your own Dragon Boat team.